“Fearless authenticity isn’t easy but it’s always worth it!”

-MaryAnn Gramig

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Whether individual coaching or team building, with Authentica you will have everything you need to create a dynamic culture of leadership that others will want to follow.

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Schedule your complimentary 30-minute phone consultation with MAG.

MaryAnn Gramig

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Throughout my life I have often been placed in the role of a leader. I have a keen ability to assess people and situations. Whether during my work in the justice system, international experience in both the public and private sector, supporting endeavors on behalf of U.S. military members, or my extensive leadership expertise in the non-profit arena, I bring fearless insights to problem solving and execute to the goal. One of my greatest highlights was being awarded the national Meritorious Public Service Award for helping to improve the quality of life for our service men and women and their families. I am also proud to have been featured in The Lane Report.

After leading several organizations, I began noticing that very competent people often questioned their own abilities, spent hours and precious resources searching for new ways to improve themselves or attempting the latest trend in self-help. I realized what was missing and they ALL had it in common. Underestimating the power of their own authenticity. It was a problem I had known. The difference was now I was prepared to help solve it.

AuthenticA was born.

I work with individuals and teams who are no longer satisfied standing in the same place getting the same results. I coach people ready to say NO to others expectations of who they should be and YES to living and leading their best authentic life.

With AuthenticA you will discover that you have everything inside of you to live from a place of strength and credibility. Here discovery meets authenticity. Authenticity meets strength. And strength meets success beyond anything you’ve ever imagined. The enthusiasm of my clients after even one coaching session or team training is inspiring as they chart a course of discovery, ownership and positive strategy that delivers! I look forward to helping deliver that to you!

What AuthenticA clients have to say

MaryAnn helped me tackle what I really wanted in my career and life in general. Putting in the time to complete the tasks in preparation for each coaching session allowed me to focus on a concise and attainable plan of work. Each session continued to build on my success and the support that MaryAnn freely […]

- Katie Fussenegger, CTA, CTIS, TMP, Vice President KY Derby Museum

Donald Keele headshot

MaryAnn is everything I needed in a coach: a wealth of experience and wisdom mixed with a well-spring of vitality and creativity. An expert listener, she helped me see opportunities I had missed and identify practical and helpful actions I could take to better explore them. As a result of her influence, I am more […]

- Donald Keele III, Associate Dean of Men, Andrews University

David Cook headshot

I have always been a big advocate for the StrengthsFinder process and how it can benefit individuals and groups, but I had never had the opportunity to receive a coaching session. That has changed and I will come back for more coaching sessions. Why? MaryAnn Gramig! In just a short hour, she brought insight into […]

- David Cook, Director of Innovation, Kentucky Department of Education

Cheryl Van Stockum headshot

My coaching session with MaryAnn was so insightful and helpful to me. Referencing my strengths, she helped me identify some key problem areas and then we developed workable solutions. I look forward to further coaching with MaryAnn as I progress toward my goals!

- Cheryl Van Stockum, Executive Director, Shelby County Community Theatre

Darlene Small headshot

Having gone through StrengthsFinder at a board retreat, I was intrigued by the results but didn’t investigate further. Several months I had the wonderful opportunity with MaryAnn to dive deeper into my StrengthsFinder results with some coaching. MaryAnn had a great way of asking questions and having me really take a look at my responses. […]

- Darlene Snow, Executive Director, Leadership Shelby KY

Adam Morris headshot

Working with AuthenticA and MaryAnn Gramig to find my strengths has been helpful in seeking out new employment and in my personal life as well. Being a disabled veteran had left me feeling inadequately prepared to seek out a new career due to some of the physical constraints I have. After taking a brief assessment […]

- Adam Morris, U.S. Navy Veteran

Carla Nye headshot

Fantastic coaching experience with Mary Ann. She reviewed my Strength Based Leadership survey with me in a way that truly helped me understand my next steps in my work and in managing my role. Very knowledgable and professional!!

- Carla Nye, DNP, CPNP, CNE, CHSE


To begin, I have completed several “personality tests” in the past for various reasons. StrengthsFinder takes a different approach and allocates specific themes that are essentially our natural, behavioral strengths. While I have some supporting documentation to accompany my results, the question of how to proceed with that information is heavy. That’s where MaryAnn is […]

- Kris Hayden, CB&T, Vice President, Commercial Lending

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