Mary Anne speaking before a group


Calm Your Inner Critic

Calm Your Inner Critic is designed specifically for women in leadership but every woman will benefit. It is perfect for your next event or retreat. Designed to build self-awareness, it equips women to develop a positive discerning eye toward themselves and others. Whether seeking to lead others with more authenticity or simply lead better in their own lives, participants will

  1. Learn how to recognize self-defeating thoughts and reframe negative messages that stifle the power of your authentic voice
  2. Take steps toward controlling your inner critic and learn how that conscious effort can move you forward personally and in your relationshipd with others
  3. Explore how constructive criticism can be used as a tool for growth and authenticity in the pursuit of your goals and dreams

Calm Your Inner Critic is interactive and customized to your group’s size, location and goals. MaryAnn has spoken at events around the world. Bring her to your next event! Click here.

What Participants Are Saying

“Having this experience with a group of women made it affordable for me individually since I couldn’t afford private coaching at this time on my budget. It was so worth the investment and I got the added benefit of a whole group of new “sisters” to do life with!”

“MaryAnn opened my mind, heart and self! ‘Practicing’ this AuthenticA Mindset will propel me forward!”

“MaryAnn gave me such insights that I was able to leave with the tools to protect myself from a toxic individual. This course gave me the permission I needed to protect my heart and mind and gave me the strength to move forward!”

“Loved it! MaryAnn’s delivery is fantastic and I loved her honesty in sharing from her own experiences.”

“Through this I have developed a relationship with my inner critic instead of pretending she isn’t there. I have a long way to go-but now I have the tools to get there.”

“Amazing! I can’t wait to see what this year has in store for me now that I have these tools!”

“MaryAnn is a phenomenal self-help speaker. She really makes you stop and think. Loved this course and content! Very valuable!”