The AuthenticA Advantage

I focus on what's “strong” not what's “wrong”. As a Gallup certified Strengths coach, I first help you connect with your natural talents through the Gallup Clifton Strengths® assessment. Next we choose a path designed exclusively for your journey, setting and tracking milestones, readjusting at forks in the road, and celebrating every achievement along the way! If you’re ready, together we’ll climb to heights you have only dreamed of. You will find your fearless authentic voice and vision creating a dynamic strategy for work and life!

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Building Stronger Teams

Keeping pace with the ever-changing landscape of client needs is more demanding than ever. You depend on your team, and they look to you for leadership to climb the mountains that take your company to success. Everyone must perform at their peak potential and productivity so the whole team can excel. When organizations don't provide opportunities for meaningful growth and support from employee to management, the foundation for success begins to crack. Managers become fatigued. Employees put a half-hearted effort into their work and growing frustrated, many actually leave.

Gallup research reveals that 87% of employees are not engaged in their workplace. 70% of those dissatisfied report a manager as the primary cause. Your business can be different. Companies that provide organizational multilevel coaching, experience increased sales, increased profits, market share growth and across the board increased satisfaction from executive level to team members. Companies with highly engaged workforces outperform their peers by 147% in earning per share.

A customized engagement with AuthenticA can take your executive leadership, managers and team leaders to greater heights by helping them:

  • Identify their natural talents
  • Turn talents into consistent strengths
  • Create clear and positive employee accountability
  • Manage adversity and resistance
  • Develop rapport based on trust and transparency
  • Make decisions based on performance and productivity

A highly engaged workforce means the difference between the company that outperforms its competitors and one that fails to grow.

Every team engagement begins with a complimentary 45-minute orientation to discuss specific needs and desired outcomes. Your team will receive strengths-building group coaching that aligns with your broader strategy. Individual coaching can also be incorporated. Together we will develop your current leaders and teams and identify who is the right talent within your organization for greater responsibility. I coach to a shared definition of what authentic success means to your company. If you are a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization, you automatically receive a 15% discount off your engagement.

Let’s begin your strengths-based model of success today! With AuthenticA the only direction to go is UP!

Keynotes and Workshops

Need an engaging speaker to capture the audience at your next event? My presentations are genuine and transparent, dynamic and insightful. I encourage and propel audiences to fully engage in taking their next step with strength and authenticity. I can also emcee your next event making attendees feel welcomed and ready for a great experience with your organization. Contact me today and get on the way to an awesome event!

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