The Sensei

Last time, we looked at how the leadership archetype of The Archer succeeds at providing the four things followers need to feel safe – Trust, Compassion, Stability, and Hope; and how Archers achieve their personal and professional goals.

The great news for you as a leader is that how you provide a safe environment and how you achieve goals isn't what's essential; strength and confidence in your authenticity are what matters.

This month we are going to meet the archetype of the Sensei.

See if you recognize yourself or someone you know.

The Sensei takes the stance of Influencing® and is a master at understanding and conveying a team’s ideas to others in meaningful ways.  They possess the ability to take charge, speak up, and make sure the group is heard through the power of influence.

The Sensei makes things happen by turning thoughts into action. They often have a “presence” when they enter a room. They are calmly confident to take control of a situation or to make decisions. The Sensei also communicates well by putting their thoughts into words those around them can relate to. Maximizing other people or a group's potential is of great importance. They take pride in transforming something great into something superb.

At the master level, the Sensei is confident in their ability to take risks and manage their own lives. They have an inner compass that gives them certainty in their decisions. They want to make a significant impact. They are often independent and prioritize projects based on the impact their work will have on their organization or those around them.

The Sensei loves having a positive influence on others. They derive satisfaction from breaking through the exterior and making a connection with someone. In their unique way, the Sensei provides trust, compassion, stability, and hope others require to stay actively engaged and bringing their best to the team/project every day. They bring calmness and safety, creating a strong bond. When the next project or issue comes along, the Sensei’s unique abilities put the entire team in the best position to conquer any problem due to their dependable guidance and proven leadership stance. You can count on the Sensei when the stakes are high.

Do you recognize yourself in the traits of the Sensei? Next time we’ll look at the Captain. Perhaps you’ll find yourself there.